Auckland College
Independent School

Nursery Rooms

At Auckland House we believe that children are active learners from birth, so we have created a vibrant and stimulating environment to encourage your child to reach their full potential.

Our nursery is designed to tap into your child’s imagination. The nursery is fitted with stimulating and interesting décor and each room hosts the latest age-appropriate toys and learning aids. We have organized our rooms to be individual to each learning age, so whether your child is under a year old or nearly three, they will have everything they need.

0 - 14 Months

Buttercup Room

Our Buttercups room offers the best possible start to nursery life. Each child has an individual routine, which we follow throughout the day, which means that your routine is not disturbed during their transition from home to nursery.

14 - 24 Months

Bluebell and Daisy Rooms

This is the stage where your little darling will be into everything and is often seen as the most boisterous and mobile phase of your child’s development.

24 - 36 Months

Snowdrop and Daffodil Rooms

At this age, the word ‘why,’ is the one we hear the most, and our staff will be on hand to help them find the answers.

30 - 36 Months

Sunflower Room

At this stage we focus on preparing your child for school while still letting them enjoy their

favourite elements of nursery.

36 Months +

Transition to Auckland College Pre-Prep

The Pre-prep Department at Auckland College work closely together to lay the foundations for a sound mathematical and literacy education. Supported by fully qualified teachers and TA’s, children can access a range of resources designed to inspire their young developing minds.

The development of language, mathematical reasoning and scientific investigation is emphasized throughout all Pre-prep classes. An introduction to individual reading schemes ensures that a varied curriculum is offered to each child. Observations and assessments of emerging skills underpin their knowledge ready for primary education. Close links with Auckland College ensures the transition between Pre-prep and school is as smooth as possible.