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Mathematics is an essential skill in life and is at the heart of every day decision making. It is the aim of Auckland College to support every student to achieve their potential and develop a deep understanding of Mathematics. We offer a supportive, nurturing environment focused on developing a culture of success. We strive to ensure that every student achieves their potential and develops a life-long love of learning.

Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4

In Year 7 and Year 8 students study 5 hours of Mathematics per week. Learning is differentiated within class according to ability and pupils are taught the Key Stage Three Programme of Study in preparation for GCSE. There are regular assessments throughout the year that identify areas of development for each student. Constantly throughout the year, students are provided with feedback and given the opportunity to securely embed a deep understanding of the topics covered. Homework is given weekly. It is marked and graded, with feedback given for each piece.

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is tailored to ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach their potential and provides them with a solid foundation to start their GCSE qualification. Student performance is reviewed regularly and used to support each student to reach the next step in their journey. 

Students start their GCSE studies in Year 9, with 5 lessons per week. In Years 10 and 11 they also study 5 lessons per week, with an additional weekly booster available to attend.  Lessons are differentiated according to ability, leading to either a reformed OCR GCSE qualification that will award a numerical grade of 1 – 9, or an OCR Functional Skills qualification.

At Auckland College there is a strong focus of embedding problem solving and reasoning skills to support students with the increased level of challenge. Opportunity to develop a firm understanding of the course content and the development of mathematical reasoning forms the basis of each lesson. We aim to support every student to become resilient learners. As such, we provide weekly booster sessions available from the beginning of the school term. Additionally, students in Year 11 complete their course in the spring term, with the rest of the academic year being dedicated to effective revision and exam paper practise to ensure that the students are able to reach their full potential in assessments.