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The study of History will expand pupils’ knowledge and understanding, develop awareness of their own identity and the identity of others, while encouraging further investigation of the past.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils study a range of historical periods from British history. Each topic is chosen to help develop pupils’ understanding of events which are linked to the key Stage curriculum. These include aspects of living conditions during the medieval and early modern periods, the Norman Conquest plus pupils will learn the analytical skills required of a future historian.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 the school follows the OCR GCSE (9–1) History B School History Project (SHP) syllabus which has five elements. The equal weighting given to the five studies, each representing 20% of the GCSE, provides a clear and consistent structure. All five elements are assessed externally through written examination and each carry 20% towards the GCSE qualification. There is an Entry Level option (R435) available, for any pupil whom the GCSE syllabus is unsuitable, which focuses on more specific sections of each component.

The options cover a wide range of fascinating history, introducing different periods, places and cultures, and engaging learners with different approaches to studying history. A balance across periods is maintained by providing an equal number of options for medieval, early modern and modern history.

Overall, the options provide some continuity with elements of OCR’s past specifications and offer new and exciting areas of study. Learners study three components, focusing on a total of five topics:


Component Group 1 – British History

Thematic study (i.e. The People’s Health, 1250 to present)

British depth study (i.e. The Norman Conquest, 1065–1087)

Component Group 2 – History Around Us

Study of a local historical site (i.e. St George’s Hall)

Component Group 3 – World History

Period study (i.e. The Making of America, 1789-1900)

World depth study (i.e. Living under Nazi Rule, 1933-1945)