Auckland College
Independent School

Enhanced Curriculum

At Auckland College we have always placed enrichment at the heart of everything we do to ensure that every child develops to their full potential, both academically and personally. We believe that our attainment of high standards of English, Mathematics and general academic performance is in no small part because our children and young people are happy at school and fully involved in its wider life.

It is important to us therefore that our curriculum continues to develop in ways that not only enhances our formal academic programme but also provides a complete education experience for your child. We continually work to update and improve our curriculum, and from September 2016 the students at Auckland College began to benefit from some exciting new developments in the Enhanced Curriculum Programme.

The Enhanced Curriculum Programme embraces four key ideas. These objectives are to:

  • Widen pupils’ intellectual experiences
  • Improve independent learning skills
  • To inspire learning within pupils
  • Offer them the opportunity to study a variety of options of their choice in something they would not have had a chance to study otherwise.

Each project is designed to incorporate the investigation of cross-curricular academic subjects, with keys skills, creativity, and a community approach.

The purpose of these projects is to nurture a child’s love of investigation along with age appropriate material which will help to encourage qualities such as creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and team work. It is to enable pupils to make independent decisions based on the knowledge they have acquired; to experiment with and investigate both their and other pupils’ ideas, and to inspire pupils to create new approaches through research.

There is also a wealth of choice. Pupils will opt for 6 different projects over the course of the year, including regular physical activity choices. Some of the courses have two parts, and will develop skills over two half terms, although you do not have to commit to both parts. They will have a choice of options each half term, expanding the range of choices available to them.