Auckland College
Independent School


Chief Executive Officer

Mr Anthony Akaraonye

Anthony Akaraonye is a former Assistant Director of Social Services (Head of Children and Families) for Liverpool City Council, with over 35 years of experience working with children and family services at all levels. Anthony is also a Governor at Liverpool John Moores University. His welfare experience has been at the heart of Auckland College’s ethos from its very commencement.

Executive Headteacher and Director of Finance

Mrs Gillian Akaraonye

Gillian Akaraonye qualified with a degree in Psychology from Liverpool University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education specialising in child development. As a teacher with many years of experience, she is also widely known for the successful operation of a thriving tuition service.Her many years in education and wide ranging experience have been key to Auckland College’s educational philosophy and sustained growth.

Director of Operations and Quality Assurance

Ms Olimpia Malaescu

Ms Malaescu has been part of the Company’s life since 2011, and works closely with Mr and Mrs Akaraonye to provide support to the management and leadership team, evaluate progress and performance and assess the quality of service provided not only for Auckland House Day Nursery, but also work closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team from Auckland College and the Management Team at Pepperberry Day Nursery.

Assistant Director of Finance

Miss Katie Craig

Miss Craig has worked for Auckland College for nearly 10 years and in that time she has become key in supporting the development of the school and nurseries by being a crucial contact for families in all aspects of finance, admissions and development.

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