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Buttercup Room

Our Buttercups room offers the best possible start to nursery life. Each child has an individual routine, which we follow throughout the day, which means that your routine is not disturbed during their transition from home to nursery. Our home from home approach ensures that your baby will flourish through simulated and sensory play. The bright displays on the walls will ensure key brain and eye stimulation while the spacious crawling and soft play area allows the children to roam and play in a safe environment.

This stage of your child’s development is often known as the ‘taking it all in’ stage, which means they needs lots of new and exciting stimulants to capture their interest and the baby room team will focus on simulating tactile activities to encourage development at this early stage.

Staff Team

My name is Lyndsey Shields and I will be your child’s key person. I am an Early Years Practitioner in Buttercup Room.

I joined Auckland House team in January 2019 as an Early Years Practitioner. I am now a qualified Level 2 Practitioner. I have a BA Hons in Education and Professional Studies. I have 3 children, Christopher, Ryan and Patrick.

In my spare time I like to take my dogs for a walk, going swimming and spending time together as a family.

As a key person I will help your child to become familiar with the nursery and to feel confident and safe within the Daisy Room. It is my responsibility as a key person to meet the needs of each individual child and respond sensitively to his/her feelings, ideas and behaviour. As your child’s key person I am also responsible for maintaining proper records of the child’s development and share these with you as a parent/guardian on a regular basis to ensure that your child is being appropriately cared for.

I would love to hear about everything your child has been doing at home and the things they are particularly interested in. If you have any questions, concerns and ideas please let me know.