Auckland College
Independent School

Business Studies

Students at Auckland College have the opportunity to Study Business Studies at GCSE from Year 9. The aim of the Business Studies classes is to increase understanding of the real world of business, and to prepare students for employment and further education. The business teacher has professional business experience outside of teaching as well as teacher training qualifications. This gives her real world experience, which she can pass onto students.

This qualification equips learners with the skills and confidence to explore how different business situations affect business decisions. It is a well-rounded introduction to the subject. The qualification will encourage learners to make informed choices about a wide range of further learning opportunities and career pathways as well as develop life skills that enable them to become financially and commercially aware.

Students start their GCSE Business as an options subject in Year 9. In Years 10 and 11 they also study 3 lessons per week, with an additional weekly booster available to attend.  The subject includes mathematical, written and social skills and so lessons are varied to cater for pupils varied skills, leading to a reformed OCR GCSE qualification. Resources include a range of textbooks and case studies plus numerous on-line examples of real-life applications. In addition, ‘Young Enterprise’ is included in our Enhanced Curriculum which gives the Business Studies students the opportunity to apply the skills learnt in lessons.